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Back in a year! - Silk Route Cooking 2015
Do you want to cook with us of our journey?

In our MAN truck 'LEO' we want to travel the silk route crossing through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mongolia, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, to return with fantastic stories and recipes!
It would mean a lot to us if you'd mentally accompany us on our adventure.
And maybe one of you even knows someone in one of these countries on our route we could get in touch with! We'd be grateful if you could let us know, there would be an exotic recipe in store for you as a thank you!

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Our project 'Silk Route Cooking 2015'

For those of you who missed it, yes! we are finally off! Thus we are fulfilling our dream to go on a yearlong journey. We want to cook with the people we meet upon our travels, getting to know their favourite recipes, their stories, and worldly wisdom.
During our preparations for this journey, we have frequently been asked 'Do you even speak the languages of those countries you want to travel to?'. Our many previous travels have taught us that is isn't necessarily important to know the language of the places to find your way around. What's really important is to get connect with the people one way or another. So what could be better than cooking with them?! They cook in every corner of this world, and laugh, and joke. Using our hand and feet, we can tell the greatest stories!
That is why we want to write a travel-cookbook made up of all the recipes we are being introduced to, our impressions, and the stories we gather on our way.


We love the desert, the wide open land and the quiet. We intend to get to know each and every desert of the world; and not on a continous journey, but during our working life.

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Who we are

EDE - Born in 1968, Photographer and STEN, Productdesigner - Born in 1962. We were both born in Weimar/ Thuringia and currently live in Jena. We would gladly get in touch with like-minded people.

SilkRouteCooking2015 - our Traverblog

In our MAN truck 'LEO' we want to travel the silk route. Here is our travelblog: www.2015.edeundsten.de
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Cape York – Magnificent beaches, but no one in the water.

Life in this paradise really is queer. Fantastic palm-fringed beaches, but no one goes for a swim, as crocodiles lurk everywhere in the waters. Going snorking in the 30°C warm water is only possible wearing a wetsuit; Anything else would be suicide, as the 5cm big box jellyfish are absolutely deathly.
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"Russia? Take small used banknotes, don't drink homemade vodka, and most importantly: don't stop!" We were warned. But it all came differently!
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Transaustralia - Alice Springs to Fraser

From the Old Ghan Railwaytrack over Mollys Home to the eastern point of Australia - Fraser Island. We - Ede and Sten, ouer friends Robbi und Kati - we went by 4x4 car from the middle of Australia, from Alice Springs over the MacDonnell Ranges to the eastcost - to Fraser Island.
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Ukraine - A journey in to the past.

Seven 4x4 cars - one week Ukraine - is this possible? It was an amazing experience, because it was a trip in an other world. The Karpaten - a world like middle ages - only 1.000 miles from Germany.
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