Newsletter from EDE & STEN 2014 Australia - Cape York – Magnificent beaches, but no one in the water. EN

The Australian principal of life – Not against but with nature!

For us Germans "EDE & STEN"- Australia is a curious country. On the one hand, health and safety is number one priority on the fifth continent. Nobody leaves the house without high-visibility vest, safety boots and special gear. Everybody looks out for one another so no one can possibly get lost in this huge country. On the other hand, the words „social security“ seems to be non-existent in the Australian vocabulary. Leasing contracts with one week cancellation period, but without indication of any reasons are common.
Labour contracts for one year or even just a term is not a rarety either! When Australians have a baby, they are left financially unsupported. It is a country on wheels – always on the go!
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